Finding inner balance

We usually lose our balance , our inner peace as one may call it, when we lose confidence in ourselves. We think we’re not “right”, we’re not “ready” and we’re not “desired”. Our body starts reacting, then, as if all these things were actually true. But are they, really? Way too often those are just thoughts we created but which do not correspond to reality.

When we feel like this, we should stop and breathe. We should think about how many times we made it, how many times we succeeded in our life. We feel hopeless but we are not and we should just understand how to realize that and convince ourselves of it.

I am not a master, nor an expert, I just talk from fresh personal experience. However, I learned quite a few things from that and here are some tips I feel like giving out to people (just like people did with me when I was feeling that way, thanks a lot for that to them all, btw).

So here we go, when negative thoughts can’t go out from your head, you might want to :

  • Breathe and tell to yourself that “Everything is ok as it is. If something happens, there is a reason for that even if now you don’t see it and you can’t understand it”
  • Stay positive, look at the bright side, look at YOUR bright side. Make a list of what you like about yourself. You’ll be surprised.
  • Do something. Close facebook or any other depressing social media and go out. Do sports, walk, run, explore, visit. Life is amazing, take profit from it, you’ll feel better.
  • See people, see friends, talk to them. You may not see it, but true friends are always there when you need them. Enjoy their company, they make you shine, they smile and you smile. Amazing mirrors of happiness, they are.
  • Write. Write what you feel and everything that comes into your mind. You’ll feel released.
  • If you can, travel. Go somewhere, breathe new air, meet new people. They’ll remind you how much beauty there’s in you, that you forgot about.

Stand up whatever happens. Nothing is “the end of the world” and nothing can ultimately bring you down forever. You have the power to decide how to feel, use it.

Book suggested: “A return to love” by Marianne Williamson

Song suggested: Sun is shining by Axwell / \ Ingrosso


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