Slow-travelling, take your time

I never really considered the idea of actively choosing to slow-travel, till a few years ago.

IMG_20160627_105919Since I was a kid I was used to take the plane if I had to do more than 500 km approximately, but at some point I started thinking about the heavy emissions planes were causing and I also started appreciating trains and slow-travelling.

It all started when I went to University in France, no sense for me to take the plane and also, there was a really nice high speed train bringing me there. Changing life, place, people, education and much more was quite a big step, and I knew I needed trains to assimilate every sensation when I was going to and coming back from there. I remember every trip I did, by train, and it was so relaxing to be able to sit down, sometimes with a book, and just watch the panorama through the window while thinking. That was when I started preferring trais, and therefore low-speed transports, to planes.

I love travelling just as much as I love talking, and my friends know what i mean with that. In order to enjoy travelling, though, you need to have time to think about your trip, why you’re doing that and what you want to take home from your voyage. Hard question which not everybody, when asked, can answer.

When I travel, the first thing I want to do is getting to know the culture of the place, by talking to local people, eating local food and doing what they do, trying to avoide places for tourists. You don’t always have the chance to do so, but when you do, it really makes sense to invest your energy and money in travelling, then.

This year, as you may have guessed, I tried the slowest of my slow-travels so far, which was the Camino de Santiago. I just walked 400 km, which means 17 days, and I enjoyed the (not high) speed of my feet. It really gave me the time to fully live my trip, to talk to people and to observe the panorama. I finally felt as if I was really exploring the area and thus the Country.

Doing walking (or slow) trips takes you away much energy, but what you gain is completely worth the effort. I guess many more walking-experiences are coming.



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