Flying to Sarajevo

I am on the plane which is taking me to the place I’ve dreamt abour for so long. Sarajevo.

As always, I am sitting on the left-most seat , the one close to the window. I never choose my seat, useless extra cost, but I don’t know why, they often tend to give me the seat A, which is the one next to the window, as I was saying. I like thinking that they know me well. It’s destiny, I always need to look outside, to explore, no matter where I am.

IMG_20160829_015638Its 8pm, gonna land in half an hour, I’m overexcited. From my side of the plane all I can see is dark, with some tiny tiny lights. But if I look from the other side, there’s a mixture of colors in the sky. Dark blue, then light blue, then yellow, orange to finish up with red, and then there’s land. I read somewhere on the internet that tonight, the 27th of august, the sky is redder for Mars and Venus are in some weird position I’ve no idea about. Anyway, the point is, the sky is nicer. What a warming welcome, new life.

I sit close to a Bosnian guy, he reads his Bosnian comics. I haven’t figured out what he could be doing in life and why he left from Oslo to go to Sarajevo yet, but I’ll invent something for myself. He doesn’t speak English.

I like travelling. The proper act of doing it,  meaning for me taking transports, makes me feel free. I have time to think and to write. Sarajevo is quite far as destination so this time I fast-travel, no trains for me, but it’s been almost a day since I left home, so quite a nice wandering, this time too. Im gonna land and will have to close up my laptop in a few minutes, but before that, just a few words to describe my mood.

Over-excited, new life, new plans, new everything and will of starting all over again.

Captain’s speaking, I’m going. Time to start this new (vish)adventure.

Do uskoro.


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