Bombing thunderstorms

Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed thunderstorms.

When you’re an extremely active kid, full of ideas and crazy projects, you need, every now and then, some time to think and to elaborate plans. This is why, every time rain started,    I finally got to stay home , and I had a valid reason for that.

Talking about staying home and rain, September in Sarajevo is actually not so rainy. You have some summer thunderstorms kicking in at some point during the day, twice a week, and then the sun comes out again.

I must admit, though, that when thunderstoms take the scene in Sarajevo, it gets a bit scary. Maybe it’s because I am always bearing in mind the story of this place, whenever i walk around the city. I was actually wondering if I was the only one doing so, and when I asked a few poeple, foreigners, they told me for them it is quite the same.

Whenever i look out from my window, and I see the hills around Saraj, I think about 20 years ago, when Sarajevo was under siege and the guerrilla fights were going on right where I stand in this moment. I imagine snajpers looking at the town from the hills . It must have been so easy for them to “try’na catch ’em all”. Ironically easy. Sarajevo is the town every snajper in the world would have loved to play with. Same goes for siege’s fan.

Sarajevo means serail. Fun, isn’t it ? As if you were locked in it.

Anyway, I was writing about thunderstorms. Every time I hear thunderstorms here, I immediately think about the bombing of this town, back then. Thunderstorms here really sound like bombs. You can hear them so well, so close. I think about how it must have been, by the time they were actually bombing, to survive psychologically. I am getting to know many people who lived those days, in the end it’s only 20 years ago, someone who’s even only 22 will be able to tell you something about it. And I respect them so much.

I can’t imagine living in such a situation, seeing your town destroyed, seeing friends and relatives fall in the  street under some snajper’s shot. Every time I look around, every time I talk to people, I bear in mind what they’ve been through. I can’t imagine how it was , and how it changed them. So I don’t judge.


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