” Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there. “

Picture by ER

You know me here as Visha, on adventure, now guess why ‘vishadventure’. I am a tiny, very talkative, curly-haired italian, as people like to describe me.

I love writing, photography, sports, arts, music, politics and much more ( but I guess you’ll soon find out yourselves ).

I travel the world, whenever I can. I study abroad, I love wandering around and here I’ll try to keep track of where I go and what I do. Or even just what I think and feel when I’m not busy traveling. You’ll find here articles and poems, mainly in english but also in italian and french .

If you wanna keep in touch, make comments on what I post or just exchange a few words with me, drop me a message here. I’ll be more than glad to answer 🙂

Ciao amici, enjoy !

©  I own all the copyrights of all contents in this blog, be that pictures, articles or poems. If you would like to use the content of this blog , please ask my permission first. If you want to share what I publish here as it is and directly from my blog, PLEASE DO SO 🙂


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